Kinetic Camera
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Kinetic Camera currently has an agreement with WF White International in Toronto, to represent its motion control equipment for rental, exclusively in North America. Kinetic Camera continues to promote all the equipment listed here, and provide technical expertise and consultancy in the area of motion control visual effects. The crew for all our motion control equipment are freelance individuals, not supplied through Kinetic Camera, but recommended by us.

We also service all our own equipment, and do continuous R&D and fabrication of new accessories and complete systems, such as our Sled Head rig and Phantom camera rotator.

In addition we can ship items in from the UK for particular projects, and from our partners in Canada and the USA. Please call us if you are interested in using any of these products in North America.



3-Axis Sled Head Rig

Variable head position using our new Cinegrip heavy duty risers.

'Sled-Head' System Details

Motorized Worral Head

Our Worral pan & tilt head has powerful servo motors that drive a heavy load, such as a 3Ality Technica Quasar with two Arri Alexa cameras.
Available as a repeat head with live input, or as part of our SledHead sytem

Phantom Camera Spin Rig

Our high speed camera rotator rig which was designed and built by Kinetic Camera for a specific shot on the feature film 'Max Payne'.

MSA-20 Handwheels

This unit has three handwheels and two additional controller ports, and can be used with ANY of our equipment as a precise live control device.


Two powerful servo-driven turntables, with various platters to take anything up to 1200lbs of load. 

Model Movers

We have a number of servo motors and hardware that can be combined to make custom model movers for specific shots and effects.


Including 'bloop' timing lights, control devices, measuring and levelling equipment, markers and electronic triggers, etc.

Encoding Cranes

We can encode all types of camera support - cranes, dollies, sliders, etc and record the motion data for on-set compositing or post-production.