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Milo Motion Control Crane Rental

But we are able to sub-rent for production in Canada, and we can recommend freelance crew with 20 years of experience with this system

The most versatile motion control rig ever designed, with additional boom extension and head rotation axes which take its ability to achieve complex moves beyond that of the competition. Eight standard axes of motion, plus camera,focus, zoom and iris control.

Delivered pre-assembled to studio or location in a dedicated system trailer, or flight cased for longer trips. Will ship by road or air to just about any location. The system has been operated in desert, mountain, coastline, forest, etc, in all types of conditions. Equally happy in the studio.

Flair Motion Control Software

FLAIR is a highly developed system for driving many kinds of mechanical systems and special effects used in film and video production. It will intelligently operate multi-axis systems such as camera cranes, providing synchronisation with all camera systems to give frame accurate, repeatable moves and effects. It can handle a very large number of axes and devices at the same time, also triggering events for special effects, like pyrotechnics, lighting changes, audio cues, etc.

Flair is the ONLY advanced motion control software running under WINDOWS (XP PRO / NT), and taking full advantage of current PC processor speed, memory, and graphics. It operates in a multitasking environment with complete stability, allowing files to be sent and received via email during operation or loaded to and from external drives via USB or firewire.

Many other systems in North America operate through KUPER software, which still runs in a DOS environment, unsupported by Microsoft and unable to access the majority of PC memory or advanced functions.

Please ask about the tremendous advantages over motion control systems still running under DOS, and the ease of data transfer with post production in a wide range of formats.

FLAIR now has additional support for previsualisation in 3D, including an option to export an Open GL 3D model as a high resolution AVI video file showing the MILO crane executing any programmed or imported 3D move. This can also be done in preproduction, or post-shoot, WITHOUT connecting to the Milo hardware. The camera view can also be exported, with simple 3D objects to represent scene elements.

We encourage all our clients to check out the benefits of using previsualisation, which is a fast growing trend in commercials production, well proven on feature films.

Motion Control Crane On The Road