Kinetic Camera
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Variable head position using our new Cinegrip heavy duty risers and levelling section. Six inch height increments, up to 6ft (currently), on either of 2 Mitchell mount baseplate positions.

The aluminum sled plate is separate from the drive unit, drilled for various options, and can be adapted or replaced with alternative support plates on request.


  • Pan, tilt, and track axes, plus zoom & focus.
  • NEW 24" wide rack-and-pinion driven straight track
  • Tracking speed up to 12 ft per second on linear bearings.
  • Servo-driven Worral geared head.
  • Full motion control capabilities with 'Flair' software
  • LIVE CONTROL option using joysticks and/or wheels, with record & playback, including our
  • PRESTON INTERFACE which allows live control on wireless FIZ to be recorded and replayed.
  • VERY STABLE and SMOOTH at live speeds or stop motion.