Kinetic Camera
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In addition to rentals we offer custom design and development.

We also service all our own equipment, and do continuous R&D and fabrication of new accessories and complete systems, such as our Sled Head rig and Phantom camera rotator.

Give us a call to discuss your custom project at 416-709-3637 or 416-768-6995.

Sled Head Upgrades 

Upgrades To Sled Head

Many changes have been made to the original sledhead design, and more are planned.

Flair Software Version 6

Communications, Preproduction & Postproduction

Comprehensive 3D Previsualization & File Sharing

MSA-20 Remote Wheels & Record/Playback System MSA-20 Remote Wheels & Record/Playback System

The MSA-20 system is a system which works like any remote head controller and has the facility of 'manual play and record'.