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Jerry Andrews

Jerry Andrews Cameraman

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Kinetic Camera was formed in 2004 by joint owners Jerry Andrews and Craig Perrin, when they bought a substantial amount of motion control and other production equipment from Canadian digital post giant, Toybox.

Kinetic Camera currently has an agreement with Production Services (PS) in Toronto, to represent its motion control equipment for rental, exclusively in North America. Kinetic Camera continues to promote all the equipment listed here, and provide technical expertise and consultancy in the area of motion control visual effects. We also service all our own equipment, and do continuous R&D and fabrication of new accessories and complete systems, such as our Sled Head rig and Phantom camera rotator.

Kinetic Camera does not directly rent equipment to clients, and does not directly represent freelance crew, nor invoice for their production work.

Jerry Andrews has been operating motion control equipment since the early 1990's. His experience has grown with the changes in the visual effects industry, and the software advances in robotics for film and video production. The 'Flair' software that controls all our equipment is a worldwide industry standard that is constantly being developed and improved, meeting the evolving needs of visual effects production in feature films and TV production. Jerry also works as a freelance VFX supervisor (having spent nine years of his life employed by digital post companies) and remains fully aware of digital post systems and processes, and how they affect production-side pathways to creative expression.

Jerry has a degree in design and photography from the UK, and has worked in the film industry since 1980. Starting his career in the art department as a set designer and sculptor, he worked for Jim Henson's Creature Workshop in London and animation house Cosgrove Hall Films in Manchester, UK. In 1984 he began training in lighting and camera operation, working on model animation films and TV series until 1992. He then moved back to London to work as a motion control operator for Telecine Cell, contributing visual effects shots to many features, commercials and music videos, and also working as a camera operator and LD. Jerry was then recruited by Toybox VFX in Canada, arriving in Toronto in 1998 to run their motion control department.

Jerry continues to work in Toronto, and since 2003 with other motion control companies internationally, as one of the most experienced operators in the world. In recent years he has worked on contracts for Cinemonster in Seattle, Camera Control Inc in Los Angeles, Cinemagic in New York, The Visual Effects Company in the UK, Photon PTY in Australia and Technicolor in Beijing, China.

Craig Perrin originally graduated in photography from Banff, but spent most of his early life running a successful light engineering business. His knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes is invaluable to Kinetic Camera, and is one factor that enables us to design new systems and accessories for our motion control inventory. Craig also rode for the Harley Davidson race team, touring North America in his 20's, which is perhaps why he now also drives our truck and trailers...! Joining Jerry at Toybox as a regular freelance camera assistant in 1999, Craig is also a Camera 1st Assistant with IATSE 667. Craig has often worked as a camera assistant on standard production, but has been the primary motion control technician for all our equipment since 2001. He is an experienced focus puller and has trained on all types of film and video cameras. Craig also has a complete knowledge of the motion control software and hardware, and can operate the Milo crane or any of our other systems as necessary.