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From London to Los Angeles and Moscow to Manila, the Milo has sold more worldwide than any other Motion Control rig.

A high-speed live-action rig with 13 axes of motion - it's appeal lies in it's portability, versatility and rigidity, and the extensive functions of its software.

Standard software control system - 'FLAIR' by Mark Roberts.

Running under Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) the latest version has been designed to use full available memory, graphics and CPU speed, and communications via USB, LAN and wireless networking. This allows the operator to send and receive files and 3D data without shutting down the system, and run other applications such as 3D graphics, media players and email / ftp simultaneously.

Previsualisation tools now include an 'offline' working version of software which can program and check viability of moves WITHOUT RUNNING HARDWARE. We have this available on laptops for pre-production meetings and previsualization. Also an Open GL 3D model of the Milo which can be exported as a high resolution AVI file showing the rig movement from any angle or the camera view for any desired shot.


  • Additional axis motor drivers and accessories

  • Precision bearing track (rack and pinion) or modified dolly track (rack and pinion)

  • Standard Milo Arm Lift height at lens 4m / 0.75 (below ground level)

  • Milo Long Arm Lift height at lens 6m / 2.75 (below ground level)

  • Slimline Head - Cameras are attached to a cradled baseplate, ahead of the roll axis, allowing full access to standard mounted lens controls.
    Kinetic Camera has used Arri Alexa, Red / Epic, Phantom / Flex, DSLR's, and various HD video cameras. Most production cameras will fit our standard cradle.

Zoom, foucus and iris controls are integrated in the software, and Preston FIZ controllers can be linked to the system when necessary. Lens controls can be either programmed or operated live, recorded, and replayed.


Axis Name Range of Travel Maximum Speeds
Track as required 2 metres per second
Rotate unlimited 30 degrees per second
Lift +/- 45 degrees 24 degrees per second
Arm Extend 1 metre 38 cm per second
Head Angle 225 degrees 40 degrees per second
Pan unlimited 120 degrees per second
Tilt 290 degrees 120 degrees per second
Roll unlimited 120 degrees per second


  • Base 166 kg - 365 lbs

  • Turret 160 kg - 352 lbs

  • Standard Arm 130 kg - 286 lbs

  • Optional Long Arm 452 kg - 995 lbs (with weights)

  • Head with Outer Arm 63 kg - 139 lbs

  • Extend Ballscrew 28 kg - 62 lbs

  • Lift Ballscrews 39 kg - 86 lbs

  • Power Supply and Driver Unit 124 kg - 273 lbs


Can be shipped by air (entire system with 53ft of track on a 10ftx10ft standard cargo palette) or by road (within North America, entire system in a dedicated trailer - delivered direct into studio in most cases).

(depends on camera system attached)

  • Camera stop/start (Alexa)
  • Zoom/Focus Control Iris/FDX Control
  • Camera Power
  • Sync Connection (Alexa, Red/Epic)