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We have linear actuators, a large rotating chuck for spinning shafts, and a modular 2-axis system for more complex rotations.

We can also fabricate any type of controllable linear, rotational, or combination device to be controlled precisely at any speed.

We have a wide range of servo motors, and engineering facilities available to us. All motion is editable in keyframes, or can be input from a joystick or handwheel.

Recorded motion is smoothable by stages.

Any motor driven mechanical device can potentially be made to operate through Flair software.

From very powerful turntables that will move a car or set, to linear and combination model movers that can turn products or props in complex ways, or rail systems that can track a light past a window, for example.

The object motion will always be repeatable in perfect sync with the camera motion, or could be gradually offset for multiplying layers of effects.