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Kinetic Camera and its owners have had a long and beneficial relationship with Mark Roberts Motion Control in the UK. We highly recommend their products, and in particular their software operating system FLAIR, which in our opinion remains the most comprehensive and versatile platform for operating motion control equipment in a film and video production environment.

Despite recent innovations in equipment like the MoSys head and track system, the Technodolly, and high speed robots run with other software, We believe that FLAIR (which can drive ANY motion control or robotic system) gives the operator a distinct advantage of speed and control, and allows data export and import from post production and 3D animation software.

Mark Roberts have also continued to develop new products and new control electronics, that allow their latest equipment to use the latest robotics technology such as EtherCat control, and smaller, more powerful motors and drives.

We can sub-rent any of their systems with enough lead-time ahead of a project.

Please call us to discuss your specific needs at (416) 709-3637


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