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Mark Roberts Ulti-Head
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Lighter than the Cartoni Lambda head, and containing a powerhouse of motion control electronics.

The NINE AXIS controller & amplifier built into the Ulti-head can drive the pan, tilt, zoom and focus axes, and has a direct link to the Arri 435 mo-co adaptor to control camera speed and shutter angle.

This leaves two axes free, which might be assigned to the optional roll axis and a dolly track motor.

Further expansion is possible to include a jib (lift) arm, model movers and other options.

An increasing number of options include TWO track bases, a semi- or full-rotation roll axis, sliprings, a lift axis, and attachment via a standard Mitchell mount to standard grip equipment or a modular motion control system.

The future of motion control is accurate, lightweight, modular equipment supported by full function software and a seamless link to visual effects post production.

Meet the next generation of motion controlled hardware - the Ulti-Head system.

The Ulti Head can also be used as a remote head, detached from Flair software, and operating from remote handwheels and a move record / playback box.