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Mark Roberts Miniature Electronics
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Mark Roberts Motion Control have miniaturized their control electronics onto a state of the art 'Ulti-Axis' card measuring just 100x120x35mm, enabling them to mount it, for example, within the ULTI HEAD.

Only two remote leads are required, to connect power and communication. Featured on this board are NINE axes which are all controlled and programmable from Flair.

Initially these were designed to drive the Ulti Head pan, tilt, focus and zoom, plus two spare DC servo axes, and three step and direction axes to control an Arri 435 camera. The spare axes could be track, lift, model movers, or any DC servo device.

The units can be daisy-chained together to drive a multi-axis camera positioning device, and/or numerous additional SFX or VFX devices.

Flair software is a plug-and-play master controller for any attached systems. Only DC power of 35V (20A max) needs to be provided for each board, from a recommended switching PSU, or batteries.