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New Sled Head Track
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Many changes have been made to the original sledhead design, and more are planned.

To the right is a picture of our new Sled Head track. 44 feet of aluminum track, with hardened steel linear bearings, and a central rack and pinion drive. Currently tested to 12ft per second under servo control, smooth and precisely repeatable.

24" wide track (61cm), designed to pass through standard interior doorways.

The base plate has been re-machined to be 6" narrower, with two Mitchell adaptor positions, and we have a set of heavy duty risers from Cinegrip allowing the head to be raised in 6 inch increments, to a current maximum height of 6 feet (without additional stabilising). We now own our own levelling section.

The system is equipped with our own Preston interface, allowing the live operation from a wireless FIZ controller to be recorded and played back.

We have now added new handwheels (below), which allow LIVE CONTROL of the Sled system to be recorded and played back.


The original Sled Head track design, on a shoot for a Mazda TVC.

Worral pan/tilt head and modular risers - here set at 18" above the track base.

The current Sled Head system is 6" narrower.