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MSA-20 Remote Wheels & Record/Playback System
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The MSA-20 system is a system which works like any remote head controller and has the facility of 'manual play and record'.

Simply plug the handwheels into a Mark Roberts controller card (as in the Ulti Head) and the unit is ready for use.

The MSA-20 allows for common shoot requirements such as control of the camera start/stop and synchronization, zoom and focus control inputs, and a  'bloop' light output. Up to NINE axes can be recorded simultaneously for later playback.

Optional wireless communications can also be catered for.

This means that the Ulti-head and other devices can be supplied and operated without the use of the Flair motion control software and the associated electronics and laptop.

The MSA-20 is a totally intuitive system that can be operated with very little training.

The system has up to THREE HOURS of storage capacity (depending on the number of axes being recorded).