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Kinetic Camera now uses Flair Version 6, release March 2016.

Major changes in recent months have taken 'FLAIR' operating software well ahead of the competition*, and given new wings to existing equipment. Now the ONLY comprehensive motion control software for film and video production running in a multitasking environment under WINDOWS tm.

A new 3D engine within the software can generate multiple views in high resolution, exporting an AVI video file with burned-in frame count and cartesian (XYZ) positions.

This view can be of the motion control crane and tracks (to assist in set, location and lighting design) or the camera view, using simple 3D reference objects (to check line-up with 3D animation or an original animatic preview of the shot).

The main competition, KUPER, still runs under DOS (now unsupported by Microsoft and unavailable as a new installation), and can only access a fraction of the memory and graphics power of the host computer. Kuper operates in a maximum 640 x 480 screen size.

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