Kinetic Camera
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Flair can import the camera motion from any 3D animation or design software. From 3D Studio and Lightwave this is direct in native file format; for Maya, Softimage, Houdini and others there is a simple translation of cartesian data in ascii text format.

A simple script can be used. Flair also imports Kuper format moves from other motion control systems, and can output data from programmed moves in all the above formats.

Additional software adds more powerful previsualisation tools: IKTRIX and RIGCHASER are commercially available plugins for Maya and Softimage, that each contain a full featured model of the Milo or Cyclops cranes.

The virtual cranes can be programmed and checked for speed, acceleration and limits, just like the real hardware.

MCTOOLS is available from Mark Roberts, and converts files between most of the above mentioned 3D formats.