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Milo crane on a miniature set for the feature film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"  Jerry Andrews was the operator.

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Kinetic Camera is more than just a rental company...

Around the world, motion control equipment is often owned and promoted by digital post production companies. It's very much a visual effects tool that can save time and money when used in the right way.

Kinetic Camera co-founder Jerry Andrews has more than 20 years’ experience in visual effects and post production. He's worked around the world as visual effects supervisor, DoP and motion control operator on movies, animated films, commercials, music videos and TV station promotions.

So we're much more than just a rental company. We’re well known in the industry for offering advance consultation and creative solutions that’ll help you deliver on your vision, quickly and efficiently. We’ll suggest the right motion control option if it meets your needs effectively - and we’ll suggest and help to achieve a better solution if it doesn't. Above all else, we’ll share our hard-won expertise on every single project.

Give us a call. We’re here to contribute, to collaborate and to help you find the right solutions.