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Posted November 2013

We have just finished upgrading ALL our hardware systems to the latest version (5.3) of FLAIR motion control software, released in September 2013. Our clients should be aware that FLAIR, from Mark Roberts Motion Control in the UK, is under constant development by a team of programmers. MRMC are selling new hardware and software globally, and continue to use Flair to drive their latest systems, such as the BOLT high speed robot.

The latest version runs on Windows 7, and MRMC have additional software that runs on tablets and handheld devices.

By comparison, the alternative motion control software KUPER still runs on DOS and is no longer officially in development.

Among many improvements, the new software extends the control speed and 3D functions of our Milo crane, enhances data transfer to and from 3D programs like Maya, Softimage, 3D studio and Lightwave, and allows our SledHead dolly to accurately back-pan automatically, while moving the track axis.

We extend an open invitation to anyone interested in visiting us at P.S.Production Services, for either a demonstration of these new features or to test particular shots, creative ideas or visual effects concepts.

We're not at PS every day so please call in advance to make an appointment: 416 709 3637