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DeSled Head Rig
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To rent the Sled Head rig give us a call at (416) 709-3637 or (416) 768-6995.

  • Pan, tilt, and track axes, plus zoom, focus & iris.
  • Tracking speed up to 12 ft per second on linear bearings.
  • Servo-driven Worral geared head.
  • Full motion control capabilities with 'Flair' software
  • Automatic back-pan of both PAN & TILT while tracking a fixed target.
  • LIVE CONTROL option using joysticks and/or wheels, with record & playback, including our
  • PRESTON INTERFACE which allows live control on wireless FIZ to be recorded and replayed.
  • VERY STABLE and SMOOTH at live speeds or stop motion.

Variable pan/tilt head position using our Cinegrip heavy duty risers - ubangi or swan neck can be used to offset the camera from the column.

Six inch height increments, up to 6ft (currently), on a choice of two Mitchell mount baseplate positions.

The aluminum sled plate provides an ultra low platform for the track drive, is drilled for various camera support options, and can be adapted or replaced with alternative support plates on request.

The standard software control system is 'FLAIR' by Mark Roberts.Running under Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) the latest version has been designed to use full available memory, graphics and CPU speed, and communications via USB, LAN and wireless networking. This allows the operator to send and receive files without shutting down the system, and run other applications such as 3D graphics, media players and email / ftp simultaneously. Previsualisation tools now include an 'offline' working version of software which can program and check viability of moves in preproduction.

Standard Performance

Axis Name

Range of Travel

Maximum Speeds


as required

3.3 metres per second


+/- 360 degrees

100 degrees per second


+/- 40 degrees

50 degrees per second


  • Tracking Base - 80 lbs
  • Riser sections – 10 lbs / ft
  • Worral Geared / Motorised Head - 48 lbs
  • Power supply / control station / driver Unit - 210 lbs
  • Precision track – 190lbs per 3 metre section

Shipping Cases Provided

Can be shipped by air or by road (within North America, entire system in a dedicated trailer - delivered direct into studio in most cases)

Additional Camera Controls (depends on camera system attached)

Camera stop/start (Arri Alexa)

Zoom, Focus & Iris Control

Sync Connection (Arri Alexa, Red / Epic)

Sled Head Rig In Action