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Worral Pan & Tilt Head
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Servo-motor driven, with control through 'Flair' or 'Kuper' motion control software and accessories.

Remote Handwheels or Joystick control available. Can synchronise to other SPFX  and motion control equipment.

As used for 6-weeks of miniature work on 'I, Robot' in 2004.

Servo Driven Worral Head

Our Worral geared head has been re-engineered and adapted to use high power servo motors, under full-featured motion control software.

It can be rented on its own, or as part of our 'Sled Head' system, attached to a servo-powered high speed precision track drive.

A converted Worral Pan & Tilt head, servo-driven through a full motion control software interface.

This head has been re-machined for smoothest possible motion, and equipped with two high torque, low noise servo motors, driving through timing belts.

The pan and tilt axes can be operated from remote handwheels or a variety of joysticks (we have MRMC 'gripsticks' available).  Unlimited moves can be recorded and played back at different speeds, synchronized directly to the camera if required, either forward, or in reverse.

The 'Flair' motion control software also allows moves to be key-frame programmed, with full editing, and control of speed ramps and start/stop acceleration. The software also allows back-pan compensation of both pan AND TILT, keeping a target at any distance and height in frame as the dolly tracks forward or back.

This head will accept any current production camera on suitable baseplates. We have additional hardware to motorise zoom, focus and iris, all recordable through the software.

The software allows for accurate repeatable plates at ANY CAMERA SPEED. The axis movement will compensate accurately, to give matching moves in the edit, with combined slow motion, high speed and time-lapse live action.

The head comes with a standard Mitchell mount, allowing it to be positioned with hi-hat, camera legs, dolly, crane, or other grip equipment.

The system currently comes with 25ft cables, linking the head with a power supply unit and motion control hardware. There are 8 recordable axes available in the control unit, allowing this head to be run on a motion control dolly track, or with model movers controlling other objects in the scene.

Worral Pan & Tilt Head